Canadian Peacemakers International is a charitable organization for creating effective, self-sustaining models for peace-building. It was chartered in 1997 in Edmonton, Alberta by a group of small Mennonites concerned about causes of violence in Honduras. Currently CPI has two major projects: Village Building and Computer Assisted Learning (also known as CAL).

In the spirit of introducing CAL to Congo, thus CAL CONGO was born. The beauty of the CAL programme is that it enables learners to learn “informally” through observation and imitation. CAL students do not need a teacher to learn. It relies on group learning, cutting costs by over 90% for rural Congolese who couldn’t otherwise afford school fees. Satellite schools will be added in partnering communities. Each curriculum for grade 7-9, grade 1-6(for adults), the GED preparation manual, a library of 450 titles and much more. Our CAL programme is to welcome anyone and everyone that wants to get an approved education at their pace. The program is not age restricted and champions complete gender parity.